Home Automation & Safety

We have created an insanely fast and cheap solution for controlling and monitoring your Home Automation and IoT devices. Bitdog is the perfect open source Home Automation solution for Enthusiasts.
  • Create custom home monitoring zones.
  • Get real-time mobile push notifications and email when security events occur.
  • Receive home safety notifications automatically when smoke alarms or flood detectors alert.
  • Create schedules to automate devices based on time or event triggers.
  • Create quick actions & orchestrations that can be invoked via the Bitdog mobile app, or Amazon Echo.
  • Security camera DVR witn motion detection.

Open Source Hub for Raspberry Pi

  • Bitdog has created the world's first open source home automation hub designed specifically for Node.js and Raspberry Pi.
  • Add customizations via JavaScript and hardware integration via Raspberry Pi's GPIO.
  • Connect multiple Raspberry Pis at home, work or anywhere to create complex automations or monitor and control multiple locations.
  • Our hub does not require special network settings, just add your Raspberry Pi to your network and the Bitdog Hub just works.
  • Never buy proprietary hub hardware again.

Bitdog Voice Amazon Echo Skill

  • Create fully customizable voice commands and queries that can be used to control and monitor your home.
  • Create voice questions like "What is the temperature in the living room?" or "What was my power utilization yesterday?".
  • Create voice commands like "Turn on the sprinklers." or "Lock all the doors.".

Wireless Device Integration

  • OpenZWave integrates industry standard sensors and home automation devices.
  • Control locks, lights and appliances with ease.
  • Get push notifications on your mobile device and in email when devices alarm.
  • Collect data on your home environment or power consumption.
  • Create month over month reports using Bitdog dashboards.

Bitdog Remote mobile App

  • Control your home from around the world via the Bitdog Remote mobile App.
  • Design new automations or view dashboards right from your mobile deivce.

Bitdog Dashboards

  • Collect data from intrusion detectors, thermostats, power meters, smoke detectors, and virtually anything else.
  • Create dashboards for any data collected and view in near real-time on the web or our mobile app.

Bitdog is on Github

  • Open source enables you to see the code that is automating your home.
  • Community driven development enables faster feature creation.
  • Experiment with your own design changes and modifications to create unique solutions.

Bitdog Watches and Talks!

Security Cameras

  • Use Raspberry Pi cameras as security cameras.
  • Get a 7 days of 7/24 video cloud storage for up to 4 cameras.
  • Live stream security cameras or review recorded events from the Bitdog Remote mobile app.
  • Detect movement and fire mobile notifications or run automations automatically.

Talking Hub Extension

  • Use Bitdog's Say extension to enable your hub to speak.
  • Fully customizable phrasing allow your home automation events to come alive.
  • Announce door openings, smoke detector alerts, or remind you when the plants need watering. Anything is possible.
  • Use Bitdog's MP3 extension to enable your hubs to play sounds.

Community & Founder Supported

If you need help, want to contribute, or just want to offer suggestins to make Bitdog better -- you can find us here.