Why use Bitdog?

After being disappointed by commercial security systems and home automation hubs that were closed and had proprietary hardware that aged quickly, the folks at Bitdog decided that the world needed another option. We have tried other open-source home automation systems and found them poorly supported and we knew we could do it better. We have used our decades of engineering experience to build the Bitdog Home Automation and Safety solution.

What devices are supported by Bitdog Hub?

We currently support Raspberry Pi and the ever growing universe of Z-Wave home automation devices. We are actively working to bring better user experiences to the home automation enthusiast with our mobile app that supports both Android and iOS.

What security cameras are supported?

We only support cameras that are connected to Raspberry Pi through its CSI interface or USB. We are working on supporting network cameras in the near future.

What voice assistants are supported?

We only support the Amazon Echo via our Bitdog Voice and Bitdog Home skills. Bitdog Voice skill enables user customizable commands and questions. Bitdog Home skill enables the built-in home automation commands in Alexa to work with any device connected to the Bitdog Hub. We are looking forward to providing Google Home support by Summer 2018.

Why pay for a subscription for open-source home automation?

We work very hard to provide innovative features that have commercial grade quality and performance. We also actively contribute back to the open-source community in general by providing development resources directly or funding feature and bug bounties for other projects. All we ask is for a tiny annual subscription fee to help us keep innovating home automation solutions. We have managed to keep the subscription fee much less than most popular home automation hub hardware.